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Finland Info

Since 2018, Finland has been named the happiest country in the world for the sixth time. This is the result of the World Happines Report, a global initiative of the UN. Business with Finland makes you happy!

Here we would like to introduce our beautiful country, people and its business culture. Because we believe that a good cooperation succeeds better if you make friends
out of strangers.

Finnish Economy

Finland has beautiful nature, with over 168,000 lakes and forests. According to DESI 2022, Finland is the leading country in digitalization, one of the innovation leaders in cleantech and has an extremely strong start-up ecosystem.

Germany has been Finland's most important trading partner since 2014. Exports from Finland to Germany in 2022 amounted to 9.6 billion euros. Imports from Germany rose to 11.9 billion euros.

The largest export group among Finnish exports is motor vehicles, with 1.8 billion euros. This is mainly due to Valmet Automotive, which has been manufacturing motor vehicles for Mercedes Benz since 2013, as well as the good order situation at the Meyer shipyard in Turku.

In terms of imports from Germany in 2022, the largest product group was combustion engines and motor vehicles with 1.1 billion euros.

Image by Tapio Haaja
Finnisches Essen.jpg
Finnisches Essen.jpg

Finnish Food

Finnish cuisine, which often uses ingredients such as salmon, herring and potatoes, is hearty and full of hospitality.

In Finland you eat warm twice a day, the main meal in the evening. A hearty meal with friends can take a few hours.

The most popular specialties are:

  1. Karjalanpiirakka (or Karelian pierogi are the classicist of Finnish cuisine)

  2. Karjalanpaisti (goulash of Karelian style, is a stew of different types of meat)

  3. Kaalilaatikko (cabbage casserole of white cabbage, minced meat and onions with cranberries)

  4. Silli ja uudet perunat (pickled herring with new potatoes, butter and dill

  5. Lohikeitto (Lohikeitto (salmon soup with potatoes, cream and dill)

  6. Paistetut muikut (small whitefish fried in butter)

  7. Ruisleipä  (dark sourdough rye bread)

  8. Korvapuusti (cinnamon rolls made of yeast dough with cardamom; consumed with coffee)

Business Etiquette

The Finns appreciate punctuality and factual discussions. Business meetings are usually short and sweet. The Finns also expect their business partners to be as relevant, modest and well prepared as they are. The Finns are very pragmatic, communicate often very directly, say what they really mean, which sometimes happens tactlessly and can also be misunderstood. After a meeting, it is important to stick to the agreed arrangements and schedules.

The Finns value good behaviour and like it quiet, by the way, also in the sauna. If you heed the saying "talking is silver, silence is golden" in conversations, you are right. Because Finns appreciate and accept pauses and sometimes the silence. So if there are breaks of silence, it's not a bad sign.

Image by Malin Strandvall
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